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Tails of Big Rec

Sandy and Jim
For many years we would all see Jim and Sandy wondering Big Rec morning, noon, and night. Jim had retired from civil service, lived in a small apartment over a storefront on Irving, and had found Sandy at the pound. Jim always had a leash with him but seldom used it and never needed it. They were totally devoted to each other and two more gentle souls could not be found. All that knew them, and everyone who walked a dog around Big Rec did, were touched by their kindness and harmony. Sandy slowly grew old and finally at 14 could get up no more. Jim know what he had to do and made that last trip to the vet. Two weeks later he lay down and joined Sandy wherever good souls go. The companionship and joy they shared at Big Rec is not a unique tale.

"My names Bosco and I’m a border collie, born on a chicken ranch. I found my guardians at the Alemany Farmers Market where I was helping (?) sell eggs. At 2 months I really wasn’t much help. Being an urban border collie is not an easy life. I was breed to know a hundred different sheep by their sent and to keep them in line, day in and day out. Not exactly city living. When I found my master he was recovering from shoulder surgery and a mess. I’ve had to force him to through balls, Frisbees, pinecones, and anything else I can find to get that arm back in order. It’s coming along and I’ve even got him throwing with his other arm now, but it’s taken hundreds of trips back and forth fetching to get things in order, EVERY DAY. Understand, my job is much more then simple fitness. These boomers have a proclivity to push the cocktail hour up given the chance. It’s work to get them to lay down their tools go into the park for some R & R, but work is what I’m breed for.
I’ve seen what the Rec and Park Department is calling “dog run areas” in Golden Gate Park. Get real! They should be embarrassed to call themselves park workers. Why don't they just say they don't like dogs or people that like dogs."