Save Pier 27

The “shed” at Pier 27 is over 4.5 acres of unobstructed, earthquake-safe space the city cannot afford to though away. To allow a shopping mall developer to destroy this unique recreational opportunity is wrong. Why destroy a space that with very little work could provide recreational opportunities unavailable anywhere in our city?
As Chair of the Ground Sports Advisory Committee and a member of the Skate Advisory Committee I have spent years combing San Francisco looking for space for those I represent. When I saw Pier 27 I know this was a singular opportunity for our citizens.
At the time, I suggested this area become a new city park-- Pier 27 becoming a city recreation center with skating and ground sports fields with league reservations and other times open free to the public with showers, lockers, and safe bicycle parking. The triangle between 27 and 29 would be a no-reservation fieldturf athletic field and a broad skating/exercise public plaza--a space sheltered from prevailing winds with a surface that would collect the warmth of the sun. The cost would be under $15 million and complete in 18 months. Then Mills and Chelsea came along.

I urge the Supervisors of San Francisco to save Pier 27. If the contract with Mills and the YMCA is accepted, PLEASE require them to save and utilize this space. Half of Pier 27 could be used by the Y, saving them $10’s of millions, and the other half developed for indoor team and individual surface sports.

Chris Duderstadt, Chair Grounds Sports Advisory Committee , Kezar Advisory Committee to SF Rec and Park, Skate Advisory Committee to SF Board of Supervisors, Vice-President Misson Youth Soccer League

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