Skating in Paris

According to the Paris Police, skating is not legal in the street *, BUT I saw skaters everywhere else. Many more skaters then bicycles--mostly blades, but about 20% conventional and most of them tennis-shoe skates. The only 5 wheel trucks I saw were on the Police at the PARIS FRIDAY NIGHT SKATE on hightop plastic boots. MOST of the surface is smooth asphalt, BUT there's lots of cobblestones as well. Compared to SF, the general level of street skaters was novice and they got around just fine.

re: Paris is a very skate-friendly city.

*Skating in the street is only legal with police escort (Friday Night Skate and some places Sundays). An effort is being made to give skaters access to bike lanes.


(THE SF FNS x 10)

Posted to the SF Skaters List 1/12/00

Last week I got a chance to do the FNS in Paris - the first one of the millenium and all that - so I thought I'd report tfor those interested. The skate always starts and ends at Place d'Italie (on Metro/Subway lines 5, 6, and 7) at 10:00 P.M. but takes a different 25 km route each week, the entire is courseisclosed off to traffic. The skate is led by a few motorcycle cops and is tailed by an ambulance to collect injuries - there were also a few "rollerpolice" skating with the group.
Even though it was cold (1 or 2 deg. C) and windy, the turnout was around 3000 (the summer record is 28,000). The pace was fast (a good workout) with only one official stop, though there were a few unplanned delays which I think were due to the road not being closed in time. I was told it's slower and more of a rowdy social event and fashion show in the summer, with people carrying sound systems etc. I talked to Boris, the chief organizer, who did acknowledge it may have started in San Francisco, though he's never been here. Regardless of the exact route, it's supposedly always a a good tour of Paris landmarks (we went right past the Eifel Tower which was still sparkling with flashlamps installed for New Years). The skate finishes by 12:45 with just enough time for people to catch the last train home. The closest and least expensive hotel ($80 winter rate) is a Holiday Inn Express right on the square (Place d'Italie). It would be great fun to try again during the summer!
- Tim